Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I invite others to join Smart Track xCHANGE?

    Yes. You can invite a limited amount of people not already in the xCHANGE community to register an account and search for jobs.

  2. Can I view a job application once it has been submitted?

    Yes. Simply select "Applications Submitted" from the Jobs menu.

  3. Can I hide my profile in Smart Track xCHANGE?

    Yes, you can opt to hide your profile from any supplier to whom you are not currently connected. Just select the option in your Privacy Settings.

*For details, please refer to the ROE and Terms & Conditions.

How do I …

  • Log off?

    Click the figure icon on the menu bar and select the "Log off" button.

  • View the status of invitations I have sent?

    Click the Send Invite menu and find the list under the "Invitations" heading.

  • View points activity or learn how to earn points?

    Click the star icon under the menu bar. Select "Summary" to view a list of points activity or "Earn Points" to learn how to earn points.

  • View my xCHANGE related emails?

    Click the envelope icon on the menu bar.